SELL a Classic--We create ad for you and you pay only 5% of sell price due when SOLD and you have cash in hand. "No Risk to Seller"!!! We also screen out "SCAMMERS"!!!

BUY a Classic--To view all listings scroll down to Website Categories click on cars-vehicles also check out Classic List & Classic Tour Videos tabs in menu above or text 972-935-1660 or email the classic you are searching for and let us locate it for you for 5% of purchase price that you and seller agree on.

Hiring--If you are interested in working as a Classic Car Broker we are seeking the right individuals in every state of the U.S. and other countries that have OCD (Old Car Disease) that would love to be in the business of listing classic cars. Call or text Gary for details at 972-935-1660 or to send email to

SITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION--Recently changed web-hosting service--We are working out the bugs like the photos not showing up next to listings--To view photos click green more info button then click photo tab then click a photo to ENLARGE then click arrow at bottom of photo to scroll thru all photos then click X at bottom of photo to exit back to listing

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